About us

There is quite a number of very talented children in Serbia. Due to very difficult economic situation, most of those talented children are not in position to obtain higher education after finishing secondary schools.

Foundation Acimovic has been founded in 2005 and registered with the Ministry of culture of the republic of Serbia, with its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Fund has already acquired a certain amount of money, but not enough to cover and realize all of the programs, it would like to achieve. We would be grateful to individuals, as well as various institutions, which would be interested in helping us to realize our programs, not only by its financial help, but in all other ways they could offer.

These young educated people, whose education shall be realized through this foundation, will bring benefits and progress not only to Serbia, but worldwide.

Looking forward to your sincere approach,
Yours truly,
Fondation " Acimovic "

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